Scraping, patching and sanding your walls are all important preparation steps you should complete prior to painting.

To get a great looking finish result, take the time to ensure that the surface to be painted is clean, free of dust, dry, smooth, and coated with the right primer.


Nail Holes

Caulk them and paint them. Sometimes sand if needed to make it as even as possible. Primer and Paint will usually make this a lot better.


Previous Patchwork

Usually specific to houses 10 years or older. Homeowners or handyman may have attempted to patch a hole or crack. Now there is flat but not textured putty or other substance. We can do a light sand to give appearance of texture. We can also use spray cans of texture.


Dents and Cracks

Kids, dogs, and a million other things put small dents in walls. When pictures and other decorations are taken off  the walls, often times cracks are revealed. We then need to run a line of caulk down the seam of the crack and spread a small dab of putty on the dents. We smooth over, light sand, texture if possible.


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