At IN STYLE PAINTING SOLUTIONS, we share the same passion for renovation, home remodeling, colors, painting, design and real estate.

We work on your project with dedication, attention to details, reliability and integrity. Our different backgrounds and life experiences allow us to have a complementary approach to any project we get involved with !


Painting used to be part of the home improvement industry, conveying a manly technical image, sometimes quite impersonnal.
We were talking about peeling painting, fading walls, joints cracking.
But today, it is part of our HOME DECOR. It is an easy way to redecorate a space.

We want to be representative of this new approach: modern, creative. A reflexion of the environement we want to live in !

Fixing all the cracking, peeling, fading, holes, moisture and mildew damage, we scrape, sand, caulk and prime. We repair until we get a blank canvas. Now is the time to express yourselves, because yes…! Colors have a true meaning and a real psychological input.