We love paint !

Interior painting, exterior painting : Paint is everything. It brings a new look on a fading wall, it revolutionizes an outdated exterior. It adds brightness, lightness, character to an interior.

Painting is a statement. Moving out, getting settled, needing some change? It follows the big steps that we take in life writing a new page as we move forward.

It is also the most affordable investment that will bring the best results to your home.

Paint makes a house become your home.

The tricky part comes when choosing the colors.

It is very important to consider a home as an overall palette to create an harmonious environment.

Discover these few tips that can help you bring balance and elegance to your home décor.

Don’t use more than 3 colors in the same room !

Adding more than 3 colors would bring confusion and overload the feeling of the room. The best way to associate 3 colors is by choosing only one and playing with different shades, also called camaieux of colors.

Choosing several tints of the same colors is a sure way to avoid mistake.


Be subtle with bold colors !

Commercial spaces, hotels and restaurants can stand out from the rest by choosing original and ambitious color settings.

They create the space and draw the attention.

In the place where we live, on a daily basis though, this could become overwhelming and make it difficult for the eye to relax.

If you wish to use several bold or dark colors, take some time to consider the light, the size of the rooms, the height of the ceilingsAlso, the purpose of the room, the type of furniture and decoration will be important. Your home is like a canva. Everything that you create in one space will impact the rest of it.

Consider the combination of colors as everything will come as whole.

You can create contrasts, surprising associations or go for strong colors like a sunny yellow, a raspberry pink, or bright orange. The rooms where we just stay a few minutes (hallway, toilet, entrance, dressing) allow you to be more creative and play with the palette.

In the rooms we live and stay, the combination and choices should remain more neutral and well balanced.

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